Natural Non-slip Environmental Protection Water Absorption Diatom Mud Pad

Natural Non-slip Environmental Protection Water Absorption Diatom Mud Pad

Diatomaceous earth itself does not contain drugs, humidity control ability, clean air and comfortable and practical, economic and environmental protection, good quality and so on. Compared to the traditional foot pad, it is easy to dry, easy to dust, not easy to mold, no bacteria breeding, cleaning and other advantages.

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Product Description

Non-slip Customized Environmental protection Water absorption diatom mud pad Introducing HAPPY FEET Diatomaceous Earth Bath Mat, a mat which is different for those conventional cloth ones. 

Customized diatomite water pad Feet bath mat has suprising absorbability, due to it's porous feature which will absorb the moisture very quickly. As it dries up quickly,  Diatomite Foot Pad also prevents the growth of mold and mites.


Main material  

diatomite, paper fibers


390*600*9   350*450*9   300*400*9   300*300*9      

The largest 600 * 1200 * 9


non-slip, antibacterial, super water-absorbent


pink, blue, green, gray


390 * 600 * 9 2.3kg (other scale)


Layout pattern can be customized, can be printed


Butterfly-shaped, Ketie cat size can be customized


Matters Needing Attention:

1) If you feel micronized powders on the surface, this is not a quality problem but a normal phenomenon generated in the productive process. 
2) Do NOT step on this bath mat with your shoes, otherwise the stains will be sucked into this product. 
3) If unlike to stand up with barefoot, recommended to spread a towel on the bath mat, the water of towel can be also absorbed, please feel at ease to use. 
4) Clean with a brush or a piece of fine sandpaper when the bath mat is in a poor condition. 
5) Wash with running water or wipe with a wet cloth/sponge when there are stains on the bath mat. 
6) In order to avoid causing any curling or cracking problems, put it in a well-ventilated place to air dry away from the direct sunlight.






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