Water Absorption Creative Non-Slip Square Watermark Diatom Mud Coasters

Water Absorption Creative Non-Slip Square Watermark Diatom Mud Coasters

Diatomite set of coasters, the perfect solution to the summer drink ice drink when the small trouble, not afraid of leaking on the desktop ~ In addition to the coaster function, but also as a large piece of desiccant, on the wardrobe, etc., the effect of moisture absorption Good, mildew pest control to taste.

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Product Description

Water absorption Creative Non-slip Square Watermark diatom mud coasters four advantages 
1.Strong water absorption volatile 
2.Anti-mildew antibacterial to smell 
3.Anti-skid insulation 
4.Clean air to release negative ions



Main material

diatomite, paper fibers


Round (diameter 10cm), rectangular (length 11cm, width 7.5cm), square (side length 10cm)


Adsorption force, antibacterial, super water-absorbent


pink, blue, green, gray


Flower pattern(Thickness 9 mm), circular (thickness 9 mm), rectangular (thickness 9 mm), square (side length 10 cm)


Layout pattern can be customized, can be printed

Creative Absorbent diatom mud coasters in conclusion 
After the actual summary, with diatomaceous earth made out of the mat, you can achieve the original intention of water absorption beyond our imagination! Encyclopedia describes all the properties of diatomaceous earth, which can be achieved on a mattress, such as strong water absorption and so on


Non-slip Absorb coasters diatoms Fast water absorption 
Natural diatomian tiles with fast moisture absorption, leaving the advantages of easy to clean water


Diatomite pile of water absorption and release can produce waterfall effect, the water molecules decomposition of positive and negative ions floating in the air around, with bactericidal ability. For allergens and bacteria, mold and other harmful substances, can completely break down water molecules and other harmless.







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