Color Printing Diatom Mud Pad

Color Printing Diatom Mud Pad

Color Printing Diatom Mud Pad itself does not contain drugs, humidity control ability, clean air and comfortable and practical, economic and environmental protection, good quality and so on. Compared to the traditional foot pad, it is easy to dry, easy to dust, not easy to mold, no bacteria breeding, cleaning and other advantages.

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Product Description

Product Description of Color Printing Diatom Mud Pad: 
1. strong water absorption, rapid removal of the remaining water behind the bath after the water droplets. 
2. Comfortable experience more anti-skid, diatomite unique surface of the amount of floating powder, stepped on the moment, let you have a step on the natural soil in the loose feeling. 
3. Moisture-proof moisture, moisture and moisture resistance 
4. Purify the air, sterilization deodorant. 
Cartoon kitty  Diatomite Foot Pad Instantly absorb moisture 
New technology revolution, the quality of the upgrade, breaking the traditional process, improve the quality of life.

Specifications of Color Printing Diatom Mud Pad:

Main material

diatomite, paper fibers


390*600*9   350*450*9   300*400*9   300*300*9 
The largest 600 * 1200 * 9


non-slip, antibacterial, super water-absorbent


pink, blue, green, gray


390 * 600 * 9 2.3kg (other scale)


Layout pattern can be customized, can be printed

Are you still worried? 
The bathroom is slippery on the ground 
Old man can not bathe at home] baby play easy to slide around 
Work to worry about bathroom trouble 
As long as a Non-slip  Bath diatomite Mat can solve all your trouble


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