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Diatomite foot pad ----- the most natural and healthy foot pad Oct 16, 2017

Diatomite foot pad, thanks to its "special" design concept: the "soil" applied to the design of the foot pad. Simple design plus compressed size is very suitable for indoor use, so that your feet enjoy the feeling of touching the natural soil. Of course, the use of diatomite to make the foot pad is far more than that.

First, super absorbent capacity. Most people do not have a serious bath at the end of the clean feet, not knowing that this habit is very bad for the body, the saying goes from the feet, feet cold is very cold. With natural diatomaceous mat, at the end of the bath step on the feet, soles of the feet instantly dry as ever.

Second, the special deodorant function. To friends home, slippers will always have a "sour cool" taste, always particularly embarrassing, and diatomaceous earth with the deodorant characteristics used in the mat, from the stinky feet say goodbye!

Third, the unique "medical" effect. Traditional mats tend to breed bacteria, and natural diatomaceous mats not only do not breed bacteria, but can absorb and decompose substances that cause allergies. Can not guarantee that this pad can treat Hong Kong feet, but at least it can reduce the breeding of bacteria.

In addition, the natural diatomite mats smooth and smooth design, for everyone, more comfortable and practical.