Diatomite Absorbent Pad


Diatom mud is a special anti-mold dehumidification, but also inhibit bacteria, adsorption of formaldehyde and other effects indoor. Because diatomite contains some alkaline substances, is not conducive to the growth of bacteria.

Diatomaceous earth pad there is non-slip performance, the foot will not slip in the above, just like walking on the soil, better to protect your body's safety. And its service life is longer than normal mat.

Diatomite pad edges with compacted edge design, refined to the details, the water will be concentrated to the lock edge is not easy to flow to the floor above, so that the ground will not damp, quickly sucked excess water, good adsorption.

Diatomite foot pad in the design taking into account the dual combination of practicality and aesthetics, gorgeous more temperament, what are you waiting for, quickly start a bar.

Diatomite absorbent pad.jpg