Do Not Use The Traditional Foot Pad, And Now Are Popular With Diatom Mud Pad, Quick-drying Water-free Odor


1. Bathroom diatom mud absorbent pad

Diatom mud pad super absorbent, natural air-dried no smell, just a few seconds to suck dry residual moisture, the real quick-drying, a small amount of floating powder on the surface of diatom mud, stepping on the soft.

Diatom Mud mat is much easier to use than the traditional, so that you feel step on the soil in the nature, usually more able to absorb indoor moisture oh. Very suitable for wet bathroom use, to achieve rapid dry effect.

2. Diatom mud absorption pad

Diatom mud is a high-quality diatomite derived from Changbai Mountain. Its diatomaceous earth content is as high as 60%. It is enriched with many beneficial minerals, contains no heavy metals, does not add chemical components, and is very healthy and environmentally friendly.

Surface up to 90 percent of the porosity, the density of about 0.6 times the water, water absorption is 2-4 times its own weight, so water can quickly quickly dried, diatom mud floor mat at any time to keep dry.