Why Non-slip Diatomite Mat Why So Fire? What Principle?


Section to Ningbo Carter decorative building materials Co., Ltd. diatom mud mats, the water has an instant absorption effect, especially on the bathroom door, bathing on the top can instantly absorb moisture, the floor will not be dirty, And it has the characteristics of sterilization in addition to smell, good cleaning, easy to breed bacteria.

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Diatomite foot pad, diatom mud material completely taken from the natural, can absorb formaldehyde to purify the air, and its own sterilization, in addition to the characteristics of smell, especially for the magic of instantaneous absorption of water, after bathing on the tread, feet The water on the right was sucked dry, and then fit in the bathroom door too. Diatoms live in the water, after death, after 1 to 20,000 years of accumulation, the formation of fossil ores, is diatom mud. This material is natural and environmentally friendly, and it lasts for 20 years and is extremely durable.

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