Smog Carter Diatom Rescue Breath


Smog attack, daily index burst table countless small buddies are very worried, have wiped tears sang "will breathe pain." Carter diatom mat tell you haze affects not only our health, long time will make us premature aging, you will not be a little afraid to breathe?

Smog days, how do we save our breath?

Carter diatom foot pad suggest that you do not smoke a serious haze day ventilation, indoor air quality decline and serious outdoor haze have a great relationship, so serious PM2.5 days, we should minimize window ventilation , So as not to aggravate indoor P.M2.5 pollution.

Breathe freely"

But the problem came again, the window closed every day is not ventilated, there will be odor inside, which again how to solve it? In fact, very simple, Carter diatom foot pad because of its unique "molecular sieve" structure and selective adsorption properties, can effectively remove the air of free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances and pets, smoking garbage generated by the smell, Play a role in purifying indoor air, formaldehyde purification rate as high as 81.9%, virtually improve the home environment, allowing you to rest assured free breathing Oh! !