Natural Diatomaceous Earth Coasters, Environmentally Friendly Absorbent Coasters


Product Features: Fast water absorption, strong suction strong. Avoid ordinary tea cup easy water, moldy, easy to breed bacteria, easy to dip dust cleaning trouble and other traditional issues. Diatomaceous earth is a siliceous rock. The research results show that: with diatomite indoor and outdoor paint, decoration materials, in addition to not emit harmful chemicals to human beings, but also to improve the living environment. Many diatomite as raw materials for the new indoor and outdoor paint, decoration materials, more and more by consumers at home and abroad. Because diatomaceous earth with dehumidification, deodorant, purify the indoor air, can absorb and decompose cause allergic substances on the human body, resulting in medical effects and so on. Diatomite has excellent carpenter environmental performance, low carbon, green, environmental protection.