Fantastic, My Diatom Mud, And Even Made Shoes, Home Floor Mats, Mosquito Coils, Coasters Are Used On It!


Diatom mud is the main component of diatomaceous earth, children's diatomite itself is not toxic, humidity conditioning ability, air purification and other characteristics, making it a natural diatomaceous earth foot pad of high quality materials. The requirements for household products are mainly concentrated in: comfortable and practical, economic and environmental protection, good quality and other aspects. Recently, relevant research institutes have come up with astonishing research results: leather shoes are used diatom mud!

What is diatomaceous earth?


Diatomaceous earth is a siliceous rock, mainly distributed in China, the United States, Japan, Denmark, France, Romania and other countries. Is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock that consists mainly of the remains of ancient diatoms. The chemical composition of SiO2-based, available SiO2 · nH2O that the mineral composition of opal and its variants. Industrial filler diatomaceous earth Application areas Pesticide industry: WP, dryland herbicides, paddy field herbicides and a variety of biological pesticides.

Diatomaceous earth used in artificial leather?


If you put diatomaceous earth and leather shoes together, many people will feel incredible, but things are often so amazing, do not be surprised, your feet wearing artificial leather shoes is likely to add diatomaceous earth composition. Diatomaceous earth has a very good sunscreen insulation and soft texture, adding diatomaceous earth in the artificial leather ingredients, can make shoes more durable, but will also greatly reduce production costs.

In fact, far more than these, diatom mud is also used in household Ottomans, mosquito coils, coasters and so on.

Diatomaceous earth used in household mat


An excellent hygroscopic performance of diatomaceous earth foot pad, compared to the traditional foot pad, it has easy to dry, not easy to dust, not moldy, bacteria-free breeding, easy to clean and so on.

Diatomaceous earth used in mosquito coils


Mosquitoes began to ravage in summer, and many mosquito repellent products are also getting hot, mosquito coils is one of the most typical. In our common mosquito coils, in fact, also added diatomaceous earth composition, which is mainly the use of diatomaceous earth super adsorption properties, can better absorb mosquito repellent drugs added to help better play a mosquito repellent Mosquito effect. In addition, diatomaceous earth is often added to the field of pesticides due to the excellent adsorption properties of diatomaceous earth, helping crops to be better pest-free.

Diatom mud used in coasters


Diatomaceous earth set coasters, the perfect solution to the summer ice drink when the small annoyance, not afraid of leakage on the desktop ~ In addition to the coaster function, but also as a large piece of desiccant, on the wardrobe and other places, the effect of moisture absorption is very Well, mildew pest control to taste, very practical.

Of course, diatom mud as the current very hot material, the greatest use is still in the interior decoration, with the elimination of formaldehyde, purify the air, regulate humidity, release negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, self-cleaning walls, sterilization deodorant and other functions Diatom mud is definitely a good choice for interior decoration!