Diatom Mud Introduction


Diatom mud (English: Diatom mud) is a diatomaceous earth as the main raw material of interior wall decorative wall materials. It has the functions of eliminating formaldehyde, purifying air, regulating humidity, releasing negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, wall self-cleaning, sterilization and deodorization.

Diatom mud health and environmental protection, not only well decorated, but also has functionality, wallpaper and latex paint is a new generation of interior decoration materials.


Diatom mud itself does not have any pollution, natural, but also has a variety of functions, latex paint and wallpaper and other traditional coatings can not be compared. With diatom mud decoration is not moving, because in the process of building diatom mud taste, is pure, easy to repair.

Purify the air and eliminate odors

Diatom mud products have a unique "molecular sieve" structure, with strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function, can effectively remove the air of free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances and pets, smoking, garbage generated by the smell , Purify the indoor air.

Fire retardant

Diatom mud is made of inorganic materials and therefore does not burn. Even in the event of a fire, it does not emit any harmful smoke. When the temperature rises to 1300 ° C, the diatom mud only appears in a molten state and does not generate smoke such as harmful gases.

Breathing humidity

With the change of ambient air temperature in different seasons and sooner or later, diatom mud can absorb or release moisture and automatically adjust the indoor air humidity to achieve relative balance. Especially the coastal cities and humid cities in the south, the indoor air humidity regulation effect is obvious to reduce the humid air to bring you trouble.

Sound absorption and noise reduction

Due to the molecular porous structure of diatom mud itself, it has a strong noise reduction function, which can effectively absorb the high-frequency sound harmful to the human body and attenuate the low-frequency noise. Its effect is equivalent to more than 2 times of the same thickness of cement mortar and slate, while reducing the repercussion time of 50%, greatly reducing the risk of noise on the human body, to create a peaceful sleep environment for you.

heat insulation

The main component of diatom mud Diatomaceous earth thermal conductivity is very low, itself is the ideal thermal insulation material, has a very good thermal insulation properties, the insulation effect is 6 times the same thickness of cement mortar. The company is located in:

The company is located in:

Negative oxygen ions are released

Diatom mud unique "molecular sieve" structure, in contact with the water in the air will have a "waterfall effect", which continue to release beneficial negative oxygen ions on the human body.

Do not touch the dust

Does not contain any heavy metals, does not produce static electricity, dust is not easy to attach, permanent fresh wall, diatom mud is not easy to produce static electricity, the wall surface is not easy to fall dust.

Soft colors

Diatom mud mineral mineral pigments used palette, soft colors. When people live in diatom-coated living room, the natural reflection of soft light on the wall, people are not easy to produce visual fatigue, effectively protect your eyesight and family members, especially for children with significant visual effects. At the same time diatom mud wall color lasting, the use of high temperature coloring technology, do not fade, the wall as long as the new, increasing the life of the wall, reducing the number of wall decoration, saving room cost.