Introduction Of Natural Diatom Bath Mat


The creative and practical diatom derivatives - diatom mud pads,diatomaceous soap pads, diatom coasters and other small objects are equally dizzying. This time, made of diatomaceous earth after the foot absorbent pad - Diatom bath mat for product evaluation, experience the creative home life brought by diatomaceous earth.

Appearance of the structure: a simple atmosphere on the grade

Natural diatom mat size is small, can be used in the changing space and other limited space environment. Paper packaging, safety and environmental protection, packaging with instructions for use, caring service; open the package, light blue, green, clean and tasteless, slightly powdery feeling, stepped on the moment there is a feeling of soil loose; pad The central design of the human body is very human shape, cleverly avoided a meal "chaotic step", medium size, even large men can be "fit." Step on it, like walking in the natural soil, there is a strong sense of comfort.