Why Choose Carter Diatom Foot Pad


Diatom mud pad applicable occasions

Hotel: Suitable for hotel bathroom, low cost, clean and hygienic fast

Family bathroom: In addition to smell, moisture absorption, easy to clean, lightweight texture

Home kitchen: fast moisture absorption, in addition to smell, moisture mildew, not fragile

Family living room: In addition to smell fast water, wooden floor savior, rain umbrella can be put

Diatom mud foot pad cleaning: This product without detergent, surface dirt only need to wash with water or sandpaper with a clean rinse, no residual chemical detergent, the use of convenient and healthy

Diatom mud foot pad non-slip: Because of rapid water absorption to make their feet in contact with non-slip mat friction increases, combined with its own surface structure of the porous micro-products to their non-slip effect to an incredible level