Environmental Diatomite Moisture Pad Is A New Environmentally Friendly Absorbent Pad


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Environmental Diatomite Moisture Feet Product features:

Fast water absorption, strong water absorption. Avoid common pad easy water, moldy, easy to clean the dust and other traditional problems. Diatomaceous earth is a siliceous rock. The research results of Kitami University of Technology in Japan show that indoor and outdoor coatings and decoration materials made of diatomaceous earth not only do not emit chemical substances harmful to human body, but also have the effect of improving the living environment. Many diatomite as raw materials for the new indoor and outdoor paint, decoration materials, more and more by consumers at home and abroad. Because diatomaceous earth has the advantages of reducing moisture, dispersing odor, purifying indoor air, absorbing and decomposing substances that cause harmful effects on the human body, and creating environmental effects. Diatomite has excellent environmental performance, low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly. Make full use of the market to help sustainable development.

Diatomite absorbent foot pad Product Description:

Diatomite is a siliceous rock, mainly distributed in China, the United States, Denmark, France, Romania and other countries. Is a biologically-derived siliceous sedimentary rock composed mainly of the remains of ancient diatoms. The chemical composition of SiO2-based, available SiO2-nH2O that the mineral composition of opal and its variants.

Uses: Bathroom quickly absorb water / non-slip / wall decoration / regulate indoor humidity