Diatom Foot Pad With You To Open A Healthy And Comfortable Home Environment


This diatom foot pad, made of high-quality diatomite, fiber and other materials through scientific matching, one molding process, made by hand, and then polished, a period of ten days of natural air drying, diatomaceous earth content of 80 % Or more, has a very good water absorption, easy to clean, long life and other advantages. Currently, Carter diatom mat market is good, to meet the different aesthetic needs of different groups.

Diatom mud can effectively absorb and decompose formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances in the process of decoration, adjust the air humidity. Made of mats on the bathroom with good water absorption non-slip characteristics. Instantaneous water absorption, rapid absorption of residual foot bath after bathing water, light foot on foot, like trampling the Earth's natural soil, feel the natural soft and comfortable. And after each bathing bath, the room will not be wet, but return to the natural dry comfort. According to reports, this clean diatom mud pad is also very simple, the surface of the floating dust with a feather duster or dry towel can be flicked, stains rinse with water, then wipe the towel and dried to clean the bathroom mats No more tired work.

Carter diatom mat new listing, it is in line with the consumer demand. In addition, the application of raw materials takes into account the health factors, to create a home environment without formaldehyde, in line with our health needs. Finally, Carter diatom foot pad is very safe and secure because it is not moldy, bacteria-free, non-slippery, whether for the elderly or children with families. Carter diatom foot pad to many families is the health and home taste, improve the quality of life.

Diatom mud pad currently in domestic and foreign markets in full swing, its environmental health performance will also become the source of power to replace the traditional mat.