Now Natural Fire-resistant Non-slip Water-absorbent Diatom Mud Pad, Instant Absorption Of Water, Dry And Dry Bathroom More Secure


Diatom mud foot pad: From the natural pollution-free sedimentary rock, soft and light texture, with strong water absorption, is a very special kind of natural material.


Diatomaceous earth is a natural material deposited from millions of years of diatoms, health and environmental protection, super absorbent, no longer afraid of wet footprints on the floor.


Hygroscopic diatom mud pad, different from the general mats, it is natural diatomaceous earth, good water absorption, natural air-dry, only a few seconds to suck dry residual moisture.


Diatomaceous earth is a plankton (diatom) that inhabit lakes and oceans during the Cretaceous period. After diatoms died, they became a kind of natural mineral after many years of deposition.


Soft mats, super quality, simple care will not easily fade, simple style mats floor atmosphere, and very trendy wild, the most diatom mud comfortable dirt