The Role Of Diatoms In The Bathroom


After the step on the step on the tread, feet no wet da da, the ground does not repeat the drag, quick and easy.


Home with a baby, every time the bathroom is really close to the collapse of the case, I have the urgency of the bathroom wet and uncomfortable, out of the bathroom also trampled on the whole family are water. Sometimes the baby rushed fast, an inattentive slipped. And then a friend introduced a fast-absorbing diatom mud mats. The first time to get the hand that mat is also magical, like a block of wood, my husband asked me where to bring the board, I told him that the bathroom mat, even do not believe. Ha ha ha, okay, take him to experiment. Step up, the water speed is particularly fast, less than two minutes, the mat on the dry, not moldy, easy to wash, focus on the home now will not be full of water, I heard that can clean formaldehyde, benzene and other substances. Home with pregnant mother with the elderly children, especially for.


Diatom mud mats for home can not only release negative ions, clean air, adjust the humidity, sterilization deodorant, but also can effectively absorb, decomposition of air formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful factors, effectively improve the indoor air quality, From poisonous factors.


Product features: fast water absorption, strong suction strong. To avoid the ordinary cup coaster easy to water, easy moldy, easy to breed bacteria, easy to dust cleaning problems such as dust and other traditional problems. Diatomaceous earth is a siliceous rock. At home and abroad more and more consumers of all ages. Because diatomaceous earth with dehumidification, deodorant, clean indoor air, can absorb and break down caused by the human body allergic substances, produce medical effects and so on. Diatomite has excellent environmental performance, low carbon, green, environmental protection.