Where Is The Moisture-proof Moldy Bathroom Diatom Mud Pad?


The rainy season in the south is coming, the home of the hairy moldy situation seriously troubled by doing housework for you. To make life simple and interesting, then you are missing is a diatomaceous earth products, such as environmentally friendly diatom diatom mud pad. It is a new technological revolution of nano-diatomaceous earth unique characteristics, porosity up to 90%, can quickly remove the residual water droplets, water into water vapor, indoor humidity and air circulation distributed in the environment, moisture regulation; It can instantly dry the residual moisture, natural dry, water, clean, for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, coaster, pot pad do not have to worry about the table with water stains, do not have to clean, is a good helper housewife!

Diatomian mat contains weak base material, is not conducive to the breeding of molds will not mold, and its porous molecular sieve structure, fixed bacteria and absorb its moisture, making it difficult to survive, mildew moisture effect is remarkable!