Why Is The Reason Why The Water Is So Fast

Diatom mud is "inorganic gel material as the main bonding material, diatomite material as the main functional filler, the preparation of dry powder interior wall decoration coating materials." Standard-made units do not have requirements for diatomite content, consumers should pay attention to the identification of the purchase. The definition of the main components of the product, so that consumers can clearly understand the diatom mud in the end what kind of material. Another point in the standard is to specify the content of diatomaceous earth in diatom mud products. The standard indicates that diatomite is the main component, and the content of diatomite is very high. "Diatom mud as a functional wall material, need to meet the usability, decorative, functional and environmental four." The standard, but also for most of the above performance made clear. "Industry sources said, Diatom mud market is expected to be more standardized, consumers should pay attention to identify the quality of diatom mud. When buying diatom mud products, for the business of the various claims, should ask for the corresponding test report to confirm. Consumers in the purchase of diatom mud must be carefully identified, the contents of the contract with the actual construction of the effect of comparison, do experimental comparison, the general method of identification is the case of water absorption, fire is not burning, do not have pungent odor.