The Slime Market Is Hot. Will There Be Differences Between The North And The South


In recent years, with people's awareness of green environmental protection has been enhanced, for the home decoration material purchase on the green, security, quality on the basis of the corresponding choice. In this regard, the diatom mud industry by virtue of its green, environmental protection, safety characteristics of the home decoration industry. 
With the further heat of the diatom mud market, the change of its market in the country also shows the trend of the strong rise of the South market. In the face of the current popular decoration wall-diatom mud, people from different regions may be tempted to ask: Is there any difference between the North and south of the diatom mud market? is diatom mud applicable in north and south?

From the north, to the south, to the slime. Southern Market Strong rise 
According to the relevant statistics, since 2009, domestic diatoms brand manufacturers in the 100% annual rate of rapid growth. As of December 2016, the market of diatom mud brand nearly 700, diatom mud merchant breakthrough 40,000 (including stores), and gradually spread throughout the country, and research data show that the more north, the more the Diatom mud brand, it is reported that at present more than 700 diatom mud brand enterprises in the country, the east three provinces accounted for more than 30%, is the well-deserved diatom mud brand gathering place. 
Today, the southern Diatom market is growing rapidly with astonishing merchant growth rates. Relevant research data show that the net growth of diatom mud merchants in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Zhejiang, Hunan, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Fujian and other southern provinces is obvious. Guangdong, in particular, has the highest net growth rate in the country. 
Selection of diatom mud in the north is humidifier, in the south is Dehumidifier 
As we all know, regulating humidity is one of the basic functions of diatom mud, therefore, when indoor humid, the micro-pore of the diatom mud can absorb the moisture in the air into the reserve, when the air is dry, it can release the moisture, can effectively keep the indoor humidity between 40%-70%, known as "breathing Wall". 
The northern air dry, the home of a standing humidifier, however, humidifier many local limitations, will release harmful substances at the same time, but also lead to poor sleep. The choice of diatom mud wall, as long as before bedtime evenly sprayed water, can effectively resist indoor drying, comfortable life. 
The southern air is humid, the strong adsorption of diatom mud can breathe and adjust the moisture, so that indoor humidity to maintain the most appropriate level of the human body. In contrast, the southern consumer's artistic requirements for diatom mud itself are higher, so the Universal Printing series is more popular. 
Therefore, both the South and the north, Diatom mud can be widely used! The 2016 Diatom mud has completed the upgrading of the industry, transformation, expansion, relocation, capital, celebrity endorsements and other multiple changes; New 2017 second half, the new development of the diatom mud industry is also fully set sail!