Summer Wall Decoration, Diatom Mud You Don't Know The Five Secrets

Diatom mud is a new kind of decoration material developed in recent years, its environmental protection, flexible plasticity and adsorption of a 酫 characteristics, in a short period of time to obtain a large number of people like, home installed in the market to obtain a lot of shares. More and more people like to use diatom mud when decorating walls. It is the same, so that the market for diatom mud mixed, there are a lot of low-quality products. As consumers, how can we buy the diatom mud that reassures us? Here are a few strokes for everyone! 
First, from the color should be moist evenly 
Diatom mud is the main component of diatomite, natural non-toxic, but the color of a single, the market of those colorful diatom mud products are through the late factory added pigment processing. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use low-quality pigments to color. This kind of diatom mud is made out of the color than natural pigments to make it look more bright and gorgeous, but because of the heavy metal inside the toxic substances such as serious, long time use will cause harm to the human body, and the color of time is short, soon will change color. And with natural pigments made out of the diatom mud, color soft, evenly, brushing the eyes after looking very comfortable, there will be no discomfort. 
Second, from the feeling should feel soft and soft 
Because of the characteristics of the diatom mud itself, brushing up the wall will be able to a gentle feeling, with the hands feel very soft, like our common use of the thermos cork that each feeling, feel delicate comfort, smooth pattern smooth. and inferior diatom mud because of it doped a lot of other impurities, touch up to give you a kind of cold feeling, rough Luo hands very uncomfortable, the formation of the pattern is also ambiguous. 
Third, from the water absorption should be stronger 
Natural Diatomaceous earth has porous structure characteristics, it is 5,000 times times more than activated carbon ultra fine pores, so that it can not only absorb the air formaldehyde also has super absorbent. Good quality diatom mud in the same place with a watering can spray water 20 times without dripping, hand to touch will not Ken color, drop. And the poor quality of diatom mud, only a few times will have water droplets out, water absorption, touch up with the hand will fade powder. 
The smell should be fresh and fragrant. 
Diatom mud is processed from natural diatomite, itself only with a fresh earthy atmosphere, smell to make you feel comfortable, no pungent odor. In the purchase can take a little sample into the water stirring, if at this time can smell the pungent odor, indicating that this diatom mud quality is very poor. And even in a large area of construction brushing, it is not possible to have a pungent odor, if so, then that the diatom mud is not a qualified product, or manufacturers add other ingredients. 
Five, from the high temperature to see should not be easy to burn 
Because the diatomite itself has the characteristics of high temperature and not combustion, it is impossible to ignite it in daily life with fire. It has good heat insulating property. 
The above five points are what we need to pay attention to the selection of diatom mud, because such as diatom mud used in the wall decoration materials will be used in large areas of the interior, if the purchase is improper, it is likely that the body of our family will bring harm, so in the purchase must be careful, pay more attention.