Why The Diatom Mud Industry Can Be A Solo Show In Dilemma

With the state's policy on the regulation of commercial housing and the implementation of the present situation, the decoration industry in the manufacturers have to reduce the production of their products, shopping malls have also hit a new low sales. Although the decoration industry in various manufacturers have a downturn in the situation, but the inner wall of the diatoms in the mud is a single show, manufacturers in a short span of a few years by dozens of of development for hundreds of families. Behind this amazing pace of development, what is the reason for the rapid rise of diatom mud, an emerging home improvement product? With all kinds of questions, Xiao Bian did a series of investigations, and finally solved the cause of the rapid rise of diatom mud. 
 Reason one: diatom mud products conform to the national advocacy of energy-saving emission reduction, health and environmental trends. Diatom mud is a new generation of inorganic dry powder functional wall material made from natural diatomite, because it is dry powder state, and does not add any organic solvents and auxiliaries, it does not contain VOC, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other toxic and harmful substances. Diatom mud itself has no pollution, from the source to solve the problem of decoration pollution. At the same time, the promotion of diatom mud inorganic dry powder coating, each year can save the oil resources million tons, reduce VOC emissions hundreds of thousands of tons. 
Reason two: Diatom mud products Meet the consumer expectations of 0 formaldehyde decoration, to enjoy a healthy life of consumption desire. With the popularization of health knowledge and the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers have been aware of the importance of home health, in the face of volatile formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances wallpaper, latex paint and other decoration products affected by the embarrassment of a few months can not stay in new homes, consumers are more willing to non-toxic harmless natural diatom mud products Decorative home life, Easy to enjoy the new home decoration can stay happy. 
Reason three: the decorative artistry of diatom mud products attract consumers ' attention. In the pursuit of personality and grade value today, because of the traditional decoration products boring, single, decorative art and other limitations, so that consumers are more willing to choose a large number of crafts, artistic expression of the more powerful diatom mud decorative home walls, to reflect the unique taste and artistic connotation of the owner. Reason four: The unique function of diatom mud products make consumers flock. The function of purifying air and adjusting humidity of diatom mud is not possessed by other home furnishing products: purifying air. Diatom mud can effectively adsorb harmful substances in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, tvoc and pathogenic bacteria. These harmful substances are decomposed into non-toxic water and carbon dioxide by using the chemical decomposition principle of diatomite unique photocatalyst. Adjust humidity. Diatoms can also be adsorbed to release certain moisture. When the indoor air is humid, the diatom wall surface can adsorb the excess water in the air, while the indoor air is dry, it will release the adsorbed water and keep the humidity of the indoor air relative balance. Even in a very dry environment, just use a watering spray on the wall evenly sprayed water, diatom mud after water to slow release, can play the role of humidifier. 
The reasons for this rapid development of the diatom mud industry were investigated. As a new type of environmental protection inner wall material, diatom mud is in the market rising period, the industry development space is huge.