The Emerging Market Of Diatom Mud Is Developing Rapidly


Diatom mud is a new generation of indoor environmental protection decoration materials, it is healthy and environmental protection, not only has a good decorative, but also functional. With the update of science and technology, diatom mud decoration beauty greatly improved, now diatom mud background wall has a variety of colors, as well as a variety of texture, fantasy, screen, hand-painted and other unique texture, favored by consumers.

Diatom mud becomes a market favorite 
Building materials industry as one of China's 5 major industries, from the traditional latex paint, wallpaper and other decorative materials in the market has been very saturated, and diatom mud in China has just formed the market, but the rapid development, mainly people's living standards continue to improve the health of the pursuit of diatom mud to understand the deepening, so as to form a new industrial chain. 
Rapid development of diatom mud market 
Any product from formation to saturation will have a process, China's diatom mud production value is growing every year. From 2013 to 2015, the trend of a steady rise of 200% per year, also from 10 billion to 30 billion of the rapid development of the market. 
The annual industry of Chinese decorating materials is close to 3 trillion, combined with China's building materials will take six measures to eliminate backward production capacity, so that the diatom mud in recent years has sprung up. At present, the state diatom mud is still to join mainly in the form of product agent region quickly occupied the market. 
The next ten years will be the golden period of diatom mud. 
Many entrepreneurs not only ask: At present so many diatom mud manufacturers and diatoms to join the store as entrepreneurs how to choose? Is there a market? In fact, as long as you have a pair of "eye" to know more about the diatom mud industry and diatom mud brand and qualification, will soon be able to decide who is the leader of the diatom mud industry. 
Diatom mud in the Chinese market has just started for ten years, compared to the traditional paint industry, may be stationed in a city of tens of thousands of of thousands of homes, not to mention that China has 3 trillion of the market, diatom mud decoration wall material only accounted for 1%, so relatively speaking is a brand new market, so the next ten years will be the gold development period of diatom mud.