How To Adsorb Formaldehyde From Diatom Slime


The health and environmental protection of diatom mud, adsorption decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances performance, many consumers have some understanding. So, can diatoms really break down formaldehyde?

Diatom sludge purification of air is mainly dependent on the physical adsorption of diatomite, but there is always saturation, when the concentration of harmful gases in the air is reduced, will also release harmful gases, resulting in two of pollution. Can diatoms break down formaldehyde? Xiao Bian tells you, high-quality diatom mud is certain to have the function of decomposing harmful gases.

If the Diatom mud only has the ability of adsorption and does not have the ability to decompose, then the diatom mud can continue to purify indoor air propaganda will become dead, then what kind of diatom mud has the function of decomposing harmful gas?

The key of the decomposition function of diatom mud is the load photocatalyst, the photocatalyst is a kind of nano-TiO2, which can promote the chemical reaction under the irradiation of light, but it will not produce any consumption of semiconductor materials with catalytic function. After absorbing ultraviolet rays from sunlight or light sources, the photocatalyst material oxidation-reduction reaction can occur, the surface forms strong oxidation of hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anion radicals, the adsorption into the diatom microporous formaldehyde, VOC and other harmful substances into carbon dioxide and water, thus achieving the purpose of purifying the air. In the reaction process, the photocatalyst will not change and loss, so as to achieve the purpose of lasting decomposition of harmful substances.

A photocatalyst is only one of the conditions that have the function of decomposition. With the adsorption to decompose, the content of the main force Diatomite adsorbed by the diatom mud, the diatomite Micropore is unobstructed, and the thickness of the diatom mud background wall After the wall is the precondition of decomposition. The content of Diatomite is the skill of adsorption, the higher the content of diatomite, the stronger the adsorption power of diatom mud, the better the micro-pores of diatomite should be kept unobstructed in the case of high diatomite content, many diatom mud brand trifles, in order to pursue the smoothness of the diatom mud surface added a lot of organic gum in the diatom mud to jam the micro-pores of diatom mud, The function of adsorption of air by diatom mud was greatly reduced. The construction thickness of diatom mud background wall should be achieved, if the diatom mud background wall is very thin in the construction time, the number of micro holes on the wall is not up, the same will lose the ability of gas exchange, the construction thickness of the diatom mud background wall must reach $number. 5mm, It provides a solid foundation for the functional performance of diatom mud.

Algae sludge adsorption is the basis, the diatom mud can decompose is kingly, only has the adsorption ability but does not have the decomposition ability the diatom mud cannot call the high quality diatom mud, also hoped that the consumer in buys the diatom mud time eyes, buys a truly has the adsorption decomposition function The Diatom mud brand, for the family's health to erect the barrier.