Development Of High-end Diatom Slime Market Has Bottomless


As people's living standards continue to improve, high-end market development has bottomless signs. For nearly half a month, first news that the two sides are studying the introduction of Filipino maids into the Chinese domestic market, after the high-end water shocks China's drinking water market. 
Although, we do not know, and then there are some high-end products or services in the future to seize the domestic market, but from these two news we can see that China's high-end market has been gradually opened up the situation. In the high-end market is gradually opened behind, but also reflects the changes in consumer consciousness, more people choose to healthier, environmental protection, quality of life, not just to meet the daily food and clothing to warm.

Development prospect of diatom mud in high-end market 
Diatom mud is about 2000 years into the Chinese decoration coating market. Since the Diatom mud enters the country and decorates the coating market, all with green environmental protection for the promotion of the theme of the sale, and in fact, the quality of the diatom mud also does have all the functions of publicity, but relative to the traditional coating, the price of diatom mud is slightly expensive, which is the diatom mud in the domestic decoration market has been in a tepid reason one. 
Since the beginning of the 90 's, China's reform and opening-up, to 2000, many foreign excellent products and experience have been able to better inject China, but at this time, people's consumption capacity is generally low, the acceptance of new things is also in uneven state. Therefore, the diatom mud into China's decoration coating market, and did not arouse everyone's concern, but in recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, as well as the national government's environmental protection requirements of the improvement, the diatom mud presents a steady increase in sales situation. 
Today, 80, the main force of the House decoration needs, for this group of people, there are a considerable number of people have been through their own efforts to more high-end life, environmental protection, health and quality of life also have a higher degree of awareness. And that will affect their offspring's awareness of it. As a kind of environmental protection and maintenance of the health of the interior wall decoration coating, will be in these consciousness gradually by people's heat, but also because of the Government's policy support, enterprises and distributors in the start-up and opening up will enjoy more preferential policies. Therefore, although the price of diatom mud than traditional coatings expensive, but it in the domestic high-end market development is relatively promising. 
The development of diatom mud in the high-end market 
Although Diatom mud in the high-end market development prospects are good, but we also have to see in the current decoration materials market, also has the same nature of decoration materials in the partition of environmental protection decoration building materials this piece of cake. On the current environmental protection building materials, such as the integration of the top wall, seamless wall, shell powder and other publicity with environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant and other functions, and from the publicity, seems to have the same function as Diatom mud. Therefore, if the diatom mud to do a good job in the high-end market, they have to face the same nature, and the cost is similar to the "peer" competition. This requires diatom mud in strict quality control at the same time, more need to continuously improve the scope of application of diatom mud, style and sales skills, so as not to drown in the torrent of environmental protection materials. 
From a comprehensive perspective, the development prospects of diatom mud in the domestic high-end market are mixed. Hi is with people's environmental awareness and policy support, the advantages of diatom mud will be more people to accept and use, worry is the same kind of product development and emerging, will seize the diatom mud in the environmental protection building materials market cake. So, we will try to see how far the diatom mud can go in the future high-end market.