Diatom Mud Industry Strengthens Competitive Power Share Economy Hot

Share the economy in the newly concluded 18 session of the Communist Party of China $ord plenary meeting, after the $ord plenary communiqué of the first proposed, and proposed to "develop and share the economy." For a moment, sharing economy became economic term. At the same time, in the period of rapid economic development, how should diatom mud enterprises to catch up? 
"Shared economy" is attracting attention all over the world 
The concept of shared economy was put forward by famous American professors in the 1978, but it has not been popular until recent years. In foreign countries, the shared economic model represents Bestäuber and Airbnb, the former providing travel vehicle services, which provide rental services. Up to now, Bestäuber has covered 310 cities around the world in 60 countries and regions, valuing more than US $50 billion, becoming the world's most valued unlisted company. The number of rented homes owned by Airbnb is also far beyond the international hotel giant Hilton. 
With the rise of Bestäuber and Airbnb, the "shared economy" has been attracting attention in the world, and there have also been representatives of shared economy in China, such as the quick drop of travel service and Shenzhou car rental, short rental of short bird rental services. With the implementation of time, more and more industries have gradually realized the importance of the shared economic model, which is no exception in the diatoms industry. 
Strengthen the competitive power of enterprises, "share the economy" hot 
At this stage, the diatom mud industry competition is more intense, enterprise singles struggle to win the market, therefore, more and more enterprises choose to "hold the regiment" heating, strengthen the competitiveness of enterprises, "shared economy" thus became hot up. 
Sharing the economy with its integration of resources, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and other advantages, is penetrating into all walks of life. It is not yet clear whether companies can seize the opportunity to seek better development by sharing the economy. But some experts pointed out that enterprises to successfully use economic sharing mode, but also need to optimize the internal enterprise, in order to attract other enterprises to extend the olive. When the share economy has not been popular in the paint industry, it has pioneered the use of economic sharing mode, making enterprise development a big step forward, on the one hand to confirm the bold innovation, on the other hand also proved the strength of enterprises, can be more than the world's favored enterprises.