Diatom Mud Background Wall Is Good To Clean


Decoration of the wall in the home can be said that every owner is very concerned about the matter, because the wall also represents the owner's "Face", and the home has a few natural mud diatom mud background wall can help the owner to support the scene, because it has latex paint, wallpaper beautiful, and they do not have the environmental protection functions, such as purification of formaldehyde, moisture absorption humidity, Fire retardant and so on. Because Diatom mud is a pure natural material, so compared to those processing products, there is a slight flaw, one of which is not resistant to scrub. A friend might have asked, what if the diatom mud wall was accidentally soiled? Do not worry, because diatoms wall surface has a certain self-cleaning function, small stains do not fear, large stains also have remedial methods. Today, the natural mud diatom mud will give you a detailed explanation of several stains soiled diatom mud background wall cleaning methods.

1. Fingerprints, footprints, handwriting

Many homeowners have children in their homes, and children are playful, so it is inevitable that they leave fingerprints or footprints on the walls of the diatom mud, or paint on them, leaving handwriting. This time must not be like the other wall surface water to wipe, because natural mud diatom mud of pure nature caused it is not waterproof. As long as the use of rubber or fine sandpaper and other tools in a stain on the background of the diatom mud gently wipe, you can not leave traces of its erasure.

2. Cola, juice and other colored liquid

If the ordinary colorless and transparent water spilled to the diatom mud background wall, can not worry, but also remember the small part of the diatom mud background wall function, moisture-absorbing humidity! Natural Mud diatom mud can be the wall of water absorption, but to pay attention to the complete suction before the hand touch, so as not to get flowers. But if the fruit juice and other colored liquid splashed up, it must be in the color stains do not diffuse before the diffusion in time to wipe, shallow trace stains can be stained with chlorine bleach clean dishcloth gently wipe can be removed. If the color has been diffused and the stain is larger, it needs to thoroughly dry after the local brush water-based oil, and then with diatom mud matching the same color diatom mud brushing cover can be, simply speaking is dirty piece, a new report to fill. If necessary, local water can be run through, removed, and repaired again. But this process requires professional diatom mud master to complete.

3. Dust, dust

The wall dust is mainly due to the drying of indoor air, dust with electrostatic adsorption caused, and natural mud diatom mud on the air humidity has a good balance, the background wall surface is hydrophilic, so can effectively reduce static phenomenon, so compared with other materials, diatom mud background wall surface more difficult to hang dust, But also has a certain self-cleaning function.

Because natural mud diatom mud is mud-like wall material, so no matter what kind of stain, eventually as long as the same color with the diatom mud, so that professional master construction, can let the wall face again new.