The Diatom Mud Decorates, How The Effect Is Good

Autumn arrival, decorate is. Choose the green Ecological diatom mud, is already not home decoration secret. Here can not help but someone to ask: "Diatom mud decoration, how good effect?" "The answer is very simple, it is to do the real environmental health, functional and effective diatom mud." Although the decoration industry for the darling, can compare traditional latex paint, wallpaper, such as home improvement methods, spring Camry Diatom mud environmental protection and fashion characteristics, precisely in these aspects have excellent performance, can be said to be a more than one of the green wall material. 
Diatom mud decoration, must have "real thing" 
For home to do diatom mud, began to feel expensive, but later but can experience "mud" good, and outstanding embodiment in the air refreshing. The Diatom mud in the end what good, believe not to say much. is to purify the air, the release of negative oxygen ions, than the traditional way of decoration more green environmental protection. But this, also only said the right part, is not comprehensive. It is difficult to choose the true diatom mud because it does not know the principle and how the diatom mud is made. If you only look at the price, see the price low Diatom mud selected, sitting at home, first of all, it is not diatom mud, but white cement, white lime, white putty powder as the main bonding materials, diatomite as the main functional filler (Diatomite can be detected), the preparation of dry powder-like interior wall decorative coating materials. In short, such "diatom mud" is not only the glue, but also the concept of the diatoms, not only lose the porous nature of the shell wall of the diatom cell so that it has no function to speak. Because of the glue that has formaldehyde, not only has no function, but also poses a potential threat to health. No glue "is the basic condition, and more important is to have" material ", that is, diatom mud in the end how much diatom content. 
Eight functions 
1. Purifying Air 
Adsorption and decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances 
Diatom mud Unique "molecular sieve" structure, with strong physical adsorption and ion exchange function, the air free of formaldehyde, benzene, radioactive materials through absorption and decomposition, into harmless substances. Inspection by the National Quality Inspection Department: Formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances to eliminate the rate of more than 95%. 
2. Adjust Humidity 
Absorption and timely release of moisture in the air, adjust indoor humidity 
The surface of diatom mud has numerous tiny cavities, porosity reaches more than 95%, the pore of single volume diatom mud is 5000-6000 times of single volume active carbon. Thus, the air moisture absorption and timely release, automatic adjustment of indoor humidity. 
3. Sterilization and Disinfection 
Release a lot of negative oxygen ions, inhibit mold 
Because of its unique "molecular sieve" structure, the water absorption and decomposition of diatom can produce waterfall effect, and the wall surface releases a lot of negative oxygen ions which are beneficial to human body. Negative oxygen ions in the air floating around, there is a strong sterilization capacity, so that the room as fresh as nature. Inspected by the National Quality Inspection Department: The bacteriostatic rate reached more than 95%. 
4. Deodorant Odor elimination 
Break down the odor of pets, smoking and living rubbish 
Diatom mud composition, unique natural nano deodorant materials, pets, smoking, domestic garbage produced by the odor, through the physical adsorption of diatom mud and ion exchange absorption and decomposition into tasteless gas, thereby purifying indoor air. 
5, fire-retardant 
Natural inorganic materials, flame retardant 
The Diatom mud has pure natural nature, does not contain any chemical composition, the ignition point is above 1000 ℃. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and does not produce any harmful gas during the fire. 
6. Heat insulation and noise reduction 
Reduce the noise of living space, heat preservation energy saving, winter warm summer cool 
Because of the porous structure of the surface of diatom, the effect of thermal insulation and heat insulation is remarkable. 
7. self-cleaning Wall Surface 
Not easy to absorb dust, keep the wall clean 
Diatom mud does not contain any heavy metals, unique "waterfall effect", so do not produce static electricity, the wall is not stained with ash, permanent freshness. 
8, the release of negative oxygen ions 
Lasting release of negative oxygen ions, good for your health 
The unique "molecular sieve" structure of diatom mud decomposes the moisture in the air, thus releasing the negative oxygen ions that are beneficial to the human body.