Development Trend Of Diatom Mud Industry And Mature Products Need To Be Optimized

Diatom MUD coating has been rising for more than more than 10 years and has been gradually understood and accepted by more and more consumers in recent years. Diatom mud wall material attention and visibility, has far exceeded the latex paint and other traditional wall decoration materials, in the wall coating industry accounted for more and more market share. Whether people look down on the diatom mud industry, they have to admit that diatom mud is rising, the diatom mud is becoming more and more powerful! How to break the market pattern of the traditional wall decoration material which is based on emulsion paint to dominate the market? 
Development needs, the hearts of the public 
Diatom mud in the great trend of environmental protection, in people's pursuit of green and healthy home environment into the market, as wall decoration of the mainstream wall material. 2015 Chai's "dome" sensation, shocked at home and abroad, got people's praise, environmental pollution problems also aroused public attention. People crave pollution-free air, but also pay attention to the building of home living environment. Diatom mud as a new kind of green environmental protection interior wall decoration material with diatomite as raw material is naturally favored by people. In addition, diatoms remove formaldehyde, purify air, regulate humidity, release negative oxygen ions, fire-retardant, wall self-cleaning, bactericidal deodorant and other functions to meet people's pursuit of high-quality life. 
Industry trends mature, product optimization 
After more than 10 years of development, more and more domestic diatom mud enterprises, the fierce market competition has prompted the transformation of enterprises and the optimization of products. Since the development of the industry, diatom mud in addition to environmental protection and functionality by people love, diatom mud more and more emphasis on personalized customization and comfort experience of the development trend is also with the pursuit of custom-made home concept coincide; enterprises also pay more and more attention to the service and After-sale protection system to improve, so that consumers buy peace of mind, with ease.