Good Market Share In Diatom Mud Market Is Steadily Improving

In recent years, people on the healthy home life of the substantial needs of increasing, coupled with the further promotion of environmental awareness, health and environmental protection wall diatom mud become a hot home building materials products, and diatom mud Enterprises as the industry leader also ushered in a new development opportunities. With the Ministry of Construction "commercial housing decoration once in place to implement the Guide" and the continued price high pressure under the influence of high-end, quality, environmentally friendly residential decoration market mainstream, which also means that the diatom mud wall material will release new vitality in this trend! 
The market of diatom mud gradually matures, the industry development is unstoppable 
Since 2003, when the Diatom mud technology was introduced into China, the performance and texture of diatom mud has been greatly improved for more than 10 years, and gradually developed into a product accepted and recognized by the vast number of consumers. By the end of 2016, China's Diatom mud store has reached 25,000, the total output value of 100 billion yuan, compared with the 2015 steady upward trend. It has to be mentioned that the development trend of diatom mud has been stable since its entry into the Chinese market, and it is expected that the future development of the diatom mud industry will continue this rising tendency and steadily forward. 
High-end residential renovation or will stimulate the release of the Diatom mud market 
According to the statistics bureau, from January 2016 to November, the total sales area of the national commercial housing amounted to 1,358,290,000 square meters, up 24.3%, the cumulative sales of commercial housing 10.2503 trillion yuan, rising 37.5%. In the surging housing prices in the situation, real estate turnover has been climbing, and 2017 years of decoration just need strong, home building materials products sales must be considerable. In addition, according to relevant statistics, the 2016 one or two-line city house price rise is staggering: first-tier city Beijing, Shanghai second-hand housing prices rose more than 40%, Dragons house prices rose more than 30%, led the second-tier cities. With professional analysis, the property market is a geographical differentiation, north and wide, as a result of high land prices, concentration of resources, the market trend of "all high-end residential", high-end customer base is also mature, with the corresponding change is high-end products and quality services, this is the 2017 home building materials industry an important direction. and high-end decoration demand growth also led to the outbreak of diatom mud industry. 2017, the Diatom sludge distributor should think more about how to design a personal unique personality and taste of the product, the pursuit is to express the attitude of the owner's life and more high-end scientific and technological quality. 
With the arrival of high-end decoration demand era, health, environmental protection, exquisite diatom mud is more and more people to pursue the quality of life favored by consumers, which will also lead the whole industry more steadily forward! 
The future development direction of diatom mud will be gradually civilian in price. This change will also allow more people to recognize and use diatom mud. It can be predicted that there will be a spurt of demand for diatom mud in the future. It is expected that in the next five years, diatom mud wall market share, will be less than 5%, development to 80%, the annual market share will exceed hundreds of billions or even trillion, the development prospects immeasurable! So next, the vast number of dealers in this industry can be big!