Differences between diatom mud and other materials


   Diatom mud is a dry powder-like interior wall decorative coating material with inorganic gel material as the main bonding material and diatom material as the main functional filler. The standard-setting unit does not require diatomite content, and consumers should pay attention to the identification when purchasing. The definition defines the main components of the product so that the consumer can clearly understand what the diatom mud is. Another important point in the standard is the provision of diatomaceous earth in diatom mud products. The standard states that diatomaceous earth is the main component and requires high content of diatomaceous earth. “As a functional wall material, diatom mud needs to meet the four points of usability, decoration, functionality and environmental protection. In the standard, most of the above properties are also clearly defined.” According to industry insiders, The diatom mud market is expected to be more standardized, and consumers should pay attention to the quality of diatom mud. When purchasing diatom mud products, all kinds of statements made by the merchants should be confirmed by the corresponding test reports. Consumers must carefully distinguish when purchasing diatom mud, compare the contents of the contract with the actual construction, and make an experimental comparison. The general method of identification is to absorb water, not inflamed in fire, and without pungent odor.