This absorbent floor mat is actually hard? With it, say goodbye to the full house wet footprints!


After the shower, you can not step on the water. The floor is fitted with water and it is a good companion for slipping.


The long-haired floor mat is particularly comfortable, but it won't be used twice. It will start to knot, damp, breed bacteria, and it is very difficult to clean. When you clean it, it will never be bought back. The look of the home.

There are also short-haired models, which are also very comfortable to step on, and it is also relatively convenient to clean. But the whole is lighter, can't be fixed in one position, easy to move, and it has been abandoned for a long time.

Until I discovered this magical floor mat, I don't need to "scratch" or "squeak", and I don't need to wash it. The most special thing is that it is hard! Compared to other floor mats, the mat has a much higher face value.

Diatomaceous earth has several distinct features:

1. Super absorbent and quick-drying.

2. Long life and easy to clean.

3. Mildew and dehumidification.

The main material of this hard board is diatomaceous earth, and its biggest feature is its strong water absorption.

It feels a bit like plaster, feels rough and has a small amount of powder on the surface, so it will leave a little powder on the feet when you start using it.

I experimented with my hand. When I put it on the mat for the third time, there was no water stain. I can walk on the ground with confidence, and I don't have to worry about falling.

When you buy it, the water absorption will be very good. After a few months, the water absorption will be compromised, because the pores above will be blocked, and you need to clean it.

Be sure to read the instructions first when cleaning, as most diatom floor mats are not washable and must not be cleaned with detergents! It can be polished and polished to open the blocked pores to improve water absorption and prolong the service life of the diatom land mat.

When using it, it must be placed on a relatively flat ground to prevent accidental interruption. Some diatom mats will also be marked with weight limit.

Do not put it in too humid place when using it. Although it is placed in the bathroom door, but do not touch the door at zero distance, after all, the door is not sealed, there will still be a small amount of water will flow out when taking a bath. The diatom floor mat is easily deformed in a damp place and increases the likelihood of breakage when used.

When we use the floor mat, moisture is converted to water vapor, which regulates the humidity in the room. Due to its natural molecular structure, it is not conducive to the growth and survival of bacteria, and it will not be moldy for a long time.