Diatom mud pad use need to pay attention to what


Diatom mud pad use need to pay attention to what

1: Do not drop from a high place, do not subject it to strong impact, and do not place it on the arranged carpet so as to avoid damage to the product. 

2. Please place the pattern on the flat surface for use.

3: Do not put the shoes on this product, otherwise the stains on the soles of the shoes will be sucked into the product, affecting the results. 

4: I don't like the friend who stands barefoot. It is recommended to use a towel on the mat and the moisture on the towel will be absorbed. Please use it with confidence. 

5: The non-skid absorbent pad in the bathroom has a fine powder on the surface. It is a powder produced during the material production process, and it is not a quality problem. 

6: Please put it in the air flow and dry naturally after use.

Normal maintenance: 

1: If the surface is dirty, please wash it with water or use a soft, soft cloth or sponge. 

2: If it is found that the dirt on the surface will block the pores and result in poor water absorption, use a thin sandpaper or a brush to clean it.

Regular maintenance: 

If you feel that there is a deterioration in water absorption, please place it in a place with good ventilation and direct sunlight. It can be restored after half a day in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight and it may cause curling or cracking.