Home mats how to choose it


When choosing the mat according to the location and the mat material, for example, the door will be easier to dirty, and the bathroom will often have a lot of water, so to have more use to choose from, and a wide range of mats, wire ring mats, Flocking mats, rubber mats, polyester mats, such as diatom mud. Door or home: try to choose easy to clean mats, and to the simple atmosphere, such as in the car often used wire ring mat is very good, very easy to clean, take a wash of water can get, and very gray Very resistant to dirt. Look, the effect is not bad, simple atmosphere and face, like the most like gray. Dirty and look good.

Bathroom or room: try to choose a good absorbent mats, with special attention to non-slip, because the bathroom is always easy to have a lot of water, so recommend a diatom mat, although the mats a little expensive, but the water absorption is particularly good , And there is no smell; Kitchen: There are many fumes and water stains in the kitchen, so the mat is often easy to oil and dirty, because as far as possible choose cotton flocking mats, because more expensive, Even if thrown away will not be sad. If you still have to choose dark, so more dirt-resistant. Look, this is not bad, looks very warm.