The role of natural green diatom mud


Natural green diatom mud

Natural diatom mud Diatom mud is composed of pure natural inorganic materials, does not contain any harmful substances and harmful additives, the material itself is pure green products. Its main component of diatoms minerals are widely used in beauty mask, beer food filtration.

Purifying air

Environmental diatom mud diatom mud products have a unique "molecular sieve" structure and selective adsorption properties, can effectively remove the free formaldehyde in the air, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances and pets, smoking, garbage generated by the smell, purification of indoor air.

Breathing humidity

With the change of ambient air temperature in different seasons and sooner or later, diatom mud mats can absorb or release moisture and automatically regulate indoor air humidity to achieve relative balance.

Do not touch the dust

Diatom mud pad is not easy to produce static electricity, the surface is not easy to fall dust.