The main features of diatomaceous earth


One: diatomaceous earth, is called a diatom single-cell plant after the death of 1 to 2 million years after the accumulation of the formation of a fossil diatomite accumulation of soil deposits. Diatoms are one of the earliest protozoans that appear on the earth and live in seawater or lake water. It is this diatom, which provides oxygen to the earth through photosynthesis and promotes the birth of humans and animals and plants.

Second, the main features of diatomaceous earth is a large porosity, strong absorption, chemical stability, wear resistance, heat characteristics.

Note: Do not put the difference between the height and the difference because of the danger of breaking. The basic maintenance is a small drying. Fine gauze or brush brush! In the dirty and dirt, apply a bleach to rinse and then dry. Products are white brown black spots, not quality problems so please use with confidence. Diatomaceous earth contains minerals as top grade as jade contains some impurities as top grade!