The market status of Diatomite

Japan's building materials market on the Diatomite decoration materials are mainly 3 categories: a category is containing impure natural drying products, cheap. Another category is ordinary kiln firing products. It is the first use of diatomite made of various shapes of plate and brick, and then after 800 degrees Celsius high-temperature firing, a bit like tile, the price is general. The third category is to add a variety of additives kiln firing products. This type of high-grade products with special materials to add high-quality diatomite, and add salt, soda ash or light catalysts and other additives, in about 1100 degrees Celsius high-temperature kiln remove impure organic matter, carbon and other substances, burning into a variety of high-grade, gorgeous diatomite interior decoration materials. The Japanese market on the sale of diatomite decoration materials are mainly wall material (sheet), paving materials, sanitary ware, ceiling materials. In Tokyo Building materials market ordinary diatomite wall material price is more than 2000 yen per square metre (L $110 yen). Some companies also developed a diatomite water-based coating, the use of this coating can further enhance the environmental protection effect of diatomite decoration materials. 
At the second China Green Building Materials Exposition, which ended in October 2003, diatomite wall materials listed in Beijing, this new material formula and inherited the traditional construction method of functional interior wall finishes, can effectively remove the air free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC and other harmful substances and pet body odor, smoking, The odor produced by domestic rubbish can completely solve indoor air pollution and improve indoor living environment obviously.