Mineral properties of Diatomite

Environmental protection Wall material Diatomite 
Diatomite is a kind of rock with biological structure. Mainly by the $number, some more than 90% of the diatom shell composition. The main consumer of silicon oxide in seawater and lake water is diatoms, which form diatom soft mud. In the process of diagenesis, Diatomite is formed through the petrochemical stage. 
The Diatom shell consists of opal, which, in the process of growth and reproduction, absorbs colloidal silica in water and gradually transforms it into opal. 
The more diatom content in diatomite, the less impurities, the whiter the color, the lighter the quality. The proportion is generally in 0.4-0.9g/cm3, because the diatom body has numerous shell holes, the diatomite has porous structure, the porosity of Diatomite reaches 90-92%, the water absorbent is strong, and the sticky tongue, because of the fine diatom particles, makes the diatomite delicate and smooth. Diatomite is insoluble in acid (HCl, $literal, HNO3), but is soluble in HF and Koh.