Mineral composition of Diatomite

The main mineral compositions of diatomite are Opal and contain clay (Kaolinite class, Water masterbatch and a small number of plastic ridge stone, carbon (organic matter), iron (Limonite, hematite, pyrite), carbonate minerals (calcite, dolomite, a small amount of siderite), quartz, muscovite, sea-green stone, feldspar. 
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The standard group of Water Gel Mineral, is the aqueous silica gel stripping part of the water after formation, commonly known as aqueous colloid minerals or colloidal minerals. 
Opal itself colorless, translucent-like production of a milky light, due to adsorption of impurities and ions with color, so that the Opal showed a variety of tones. such as iron mixed dye in the opal Yellow brown, brown, carbon mixed with gray-black. 
The opal is usually a dense lump, bell milky, tumor-like mass, nodule-shaped and spherical-grain structure and secondary fillings in various sedimentary rocks. When the Opal dehydration and aging or stress action, the electrical cracks and the angular gravel appearance, the transformation into a colloidal mineral quartz, stone pith, or opal under the influence of polarization to show local heterogeneity heterogeneity. 
2. Clay Minerals and carbonaceous 
Clay minerals and carbonaceous materials are the main associated minerals in Diatomite. The clay minerals are distributed in microscopic scale around the diatom grains, and when the clay mineral content is the main component, it acts as a cementation diatom. Carbon is a particle-like, blocky or layered and diatomite symbiosis, carbon is a very low degree of metamorphism, still retains the plant structure of peat and lignite.