The performance of Diatomite


With Diatomite added to the paint for extinction and adsorption odor, has been applied abroad for many years, domestic enterprises gradually realized the application of Diatomite in coatings and diatom mud excellent performance. The indoor and outdoor coatings, decoration materials and diatom mud produced by diatomite will not disperse harmful chemical substances, but also improve the living environment. 

Diatomite Coating after the addition of Diatomite, has been a large number of international paint manufacturers as designated supplies, widely used in diatom mud, latex paint, interior and exterior wall coatings, alkyd resin paint and polyester paint and other coating systems, especially suitable for the production of architectural coatings. Apply paint, paint, can balance the control coating surface gloss, increase the wear resistance and scratch resistance of the film, to wet, deodorant, but also to purify the air, sound insulation, waterproof and heat insulation, permeability of good characteristics.