The advantages of Diatomite

Diatomite Coating additive products with large porosity, strong absorption, stable chemical properties, wear resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics, can provide excellent surface properties for coatings, increase capacity, thickening and improve adhesion. Because of its larger pore size, the film can shorten the drying time. It can also reduce the amount of resin and reduce the cost. The product is considered to be a good cost-effective coatings with matting powder products, has been many international large-scale paint manufacturers as designated supplies, widely used in water-based diatom mud. 
Free from Poison 
Many new indoor and outdoor coatings and decoration materials with diatomite as raw materials are more and more favored by consumers at home and abroad. In China is a potential development of diatomite indoor and outdoor coating of a natural material, does not contain harmful chemicals, in addition to the characteristics of non-flammable, sound insulation, waterproof, light weight and heat insulation, as well as dehumidification, deodorant, purifying indoor air and other functions, is an excellent environment-friendly interior and exterior decoration materials. 
Diatoms are one of the first single-celled algae that appear on earth, living in seawater or in lakes, which are extremely small in shape, usually only a few microns to more than 10 microns. Diatoms can be photosynthetic and make organic. Often grow at an alarming rate. Its remains are deposited to form diatomite. Diatomite is mainly composed of silica, the surface has countless pores, can be adsorbed, decomposition of the odor in the air, with a humidity, deodorization function. The use of Diatomite as raw material for the production of building materials, not only has the characteristics of non-flammable, dehumidification, deodorization and permeability, but also to purify the air, noise, waterproof and insulation. The new building materials have many advantages and the cost is not high, so it is widely used in a variety of decoration projects. 
Since the 80 's, the interior decoration of Japanese houses has used a large number of decorative materials containing many chemicals, which has caused the "indoor decoration pollution syndrome", which has affected some people's physical health. In order to mitigate this negative impact of residential renovation, the Japanese government, on the one hand, modified the building benchmark law, strictly restricting the distribution of hazardous chemicals in the residential indoor use of building materials, and strictly stipulates that indoor must be equipped with mechanical ventilation equipment, the implementation of mandatory ventilation. On the other hand, we actively encourage and support enterprises to develop new interior decoration materials without harmful chemical substances. 
Adjust humidity 
The research results of Japan's North see University of Technology show that the indoor and outdoor coatings and decoration materials produced by diatomite will not only produce harmful chemical substances, but also improve the living environment. 
First, the indoor humidity can be adjusted automatically. The main component of diatomite is silicic acid, with its production of indoor and outdoor paint, wall material with super fiber, porous and other characteristics, its ultra-fine hole than charcoal more than 5000 to 6,000 times times. When the humidity in the room rises, the ultrafine pores on the diatomite wall can automatically absorb the moisture in the air and store it. If the moisture in the indoor air is reduced and the humidity drops, the diatomite wall material can release the water stored in the superfine pore. 
Second, the diatomite wall material also has the function of eliminating peculiar smell, keep indoors clean. The research and experimental results show that diatomite can play an important role in deodorizing agent. If the addition of titanium oxide in diatomite is made into composite materials, it can eliminate odor and absorb and decompose harmful chemicals for a long time, and can keep the interior wall clean, even if there are smokers in the house, the walls will not be yellowed. 
Third, the study reports that diatomite decoration materials can also absorb and decompose the substances that cause allergies and produce medical effects. The absorption and release of the diatomite wall material to water can produce the waterfall effect and decompose the water molecule into positive anion. Because water molecules are wrapped, forming positive anion groups, and then water molecules as a carrier, floating around in the air, with bactericidal ability. The positive ions floating in the air are surrounded and isolated by allergic substances and other harmful substances such as bacteria and molds. Then, the most active hydrogen-oxygen radicals in the positive-negative-ion group react violently to these harmful substances, and finally decompose them thoroughly into harmless things such as water molecules.