Application range of Diatomite

Application of diatomite in industrial packing pesticide industry: WP, herbicide, paddy field herbicide and various biological pesticides. 
Application of Diatomite Advantage 1: Ph value neutral, non-toxic, good suspension performance, strong adsorption capacity, light weight, oil absorption rate of 115%, fineness in 325 mesh $number mesh, mixing uniformity, use will not clog the agricultural machinery pipeline, in the soil can play a moisturizing, loose soil, prolong the efficacy of fertilizer time, to promote the growth of crops. Compound fertilizer industry: fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and other crops of various fertilizers. The advantages of Diatomite are as follows: Strong adsorption performance, light weight, uniform fineness, neutral and non-toxic ph value, good mixing uniformity. Diatomite can be used as a high-efficiency fertilizer, which promotes the growth of crops and improves soil. Rubber industry: vehicle tires, rubber pipes, triangular belts, rubber rolling, conveyor belts, car mats and other rubber products in the filler. The advantages of Diatomite are as follows: the rigidity and strength of the products can be enhanced obviously, the settling volume reaches 95%, and the properties of heat resistance, abrasion resistance, heat preservation and anti-aging of the products can be improved. Building insulation Industry: Roof insulation layer, insulation bricks, calcium silicate insulation materials, porous briquettes furnace, insulation and heat preservation decorative panels, such as insulation, insulation, sound insulation materials, wall insulation decorative board, floor tiles, ceramic products; 
Application of Diatomite Merit 2: Diatomite should be used as additive in cement, adding 5% diatomite in the production of cement, can increase the intensity zmp, the SiO2 change activity in cement, can be used as the action of the rescue cement. Plastic industry: Living plastic products, building plastic products, agricultural plastics, windows plastic, all kinds of plastic pipe, other heavy industrial plastic products. 
 The application of Diatomite Merit 3: Has the good extensibility, has the high impact strength, the tensile strength, the tearing strength, the quality and the soft interior attrition is good, the pressure strength is good and so on the quality function. Paper industry: office paper, industrial paper and other papers; application of diatomite Advantages: light weight, fineness in the range of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh, diatomite can be added to make paper smooth, lightweight, good strength, reduce the humidity caused by changes in the expansion, in the cigarette paper can adjust the burning rate, without any toxic side effects, The filtrate clarity can be improved in the filter paper, and the filtration speed is accelerated. Paint coating Industry: furniture, Office paint, architectural coatings, machinery, home appliances paint, ink, lek meters, car paints and other paint coating filler; 
The application of Diatomite 4: ph value neutral, non-toxic, fineness of 120 mesh to 1200 mesh, physical and soft, belong to the quality of the paint filler. Feed industry: pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, birds, aquatic products and other additives of various kinds of feed. The application of diatomite advantages: neutral ph, non-toxic, diatomite mineral powder has a unique pore structure, light weight, large porosity, strong adsorption performance, the formation of color light shallow, blocked into the feed can be evenly dispersed, and feed particles bonded mixed, difficult to separate precipitation, animal food after the digestion, And can be the livestock and poultry gastrointestinal tract bacteria adsorption after the eduction in vitro, strengthen the physique, play a strong reinforcement bone, aquatic products in the pond Pond water quality to clear, breathable good, improve the survival rate of aquatic products. Polishing and rubbing industry: vehicle brake pads polishing, mechanical steel, wood furniture, glass, etc. application of diatomite advantages: strong lubrication. Leather PVC Industry: leather Products, etc. 
Application of Diatomite Advantages 5: Strong sunscreen, soft light, can eliminate the leather pollution of the balloon products of high quality filler: light weight, ph is neutral, non-toxic, powder soft and smooth, strong performance, sunscreen resistance to high temperature. Diatomite is used in coatings, paints, sewage treatment and other industries.