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After Bathing, Your Foot Must Want To Rub The Absorbent Foot Pad Very Much Nov 06, 2017

Each bath, feet wet dah, and sometimes can only find a towel to wipe your feet, the water stains left along the way, not only on the floor maintenance negative, but also caused the ground slippery, to the elderly and * belt To security risks.

In fact, the solution is simple, add a strong absorbent foot pads, feet can easily dry it!

Diatomaceous earth pad

Diatomaceous earth can rapidly dry the water and evaporate quickly. It is a popular environmental protection material in recent years. It is widely used, for example, recently, the very popular wall coating diatom mud.


Diatomaceous earth bath mat and any of the above mats experience is not the same, a kind of step on the soil feeling, moisture will be quickly absorbed.


However, diatomaceous earth absorbs water after a long time will be worse, you need to often dry to recover performance.