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Is The Higher Content Of Diatomite As High As Possible? Oct 13, 2017

Today, in the promotion of environmental protection, diatomaceous earth healthy home environment, many people began to pay attention to diatom mud, some for their own to create a healthy green home space, diatomaceous earth is to join the diatom mud industry to develop their own career, but Often on the diatom mud industry technical indicators do not understand the owners have a question, "you diatom mud inside the diatomite content is not high?" In fact, this problem has a great misunderstanding. In diatom mud, diatomite content is not the higher the better.

Diatomaceous earth in the diatom mud formula system is only a relatively cheap raw materials. Diatom mud is composed of a variety of inorganic natural mineral materials, diatomaceous earth only acts as a functional filler role, the proportion of about 30%, inorganic gelling adhesive materials, fillers and functional additives accounted for about 70% of the ratio. Diatomite mainly play a role in the adsorption of pollutants, their own no purification function, diatomite in the proportion of diatom mud is too high, then it can not achieve the normal wall construction, affecting the stability of the wall after the wall. "Diatom mud industry self-discipline Convention" in the provisions of diatomite content of 15% -35%, so that diatom mud in environmental protection and functionality is the most comprehensive and most stable. There are many businesses on the market claim that diatomite content reached 50 percent, sixty, and even some say that there are ninety, this is an exaggerated business theory.