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You Connect The Function Of Diatom Coasters? Dec 07, 2017

Natural health comes from nature

Diatom mud coasters Features:

Diatom mud coaster absorbent: Quickly dry bottom of the cup residual moisture

Diatom mud coaster moisture mildew: to effectively inhibit the bottom mold mold to prevent mold

Diatom mud coaster Slip resistance: Prevent the bottom of the cup from slipping on the table

Diatom mud coasters green environmental protection: Recommended home environmentally friendly products

Coaster maintenance

1. When the coaster is used for a period of time, the surface is left with dust and dirt, washed with water

2. In case of stubborn stains, available soapy water cleaning, air-dry place in place, can also be used to remove the abrasive paper

3. Do not put in the sun, do not use heaters and other drying


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